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The People of Pitcairn | Community | Pitcairn Island Immigration The majority of Pitcairn Islanders are descended from the nine mutineers of His Majesty's Armed Vessel Bounty who, led by Fletcher Christian. In , Pitcairn mayor Mike Warren faced 25 charges of possessing images and videos of child pornography on his computer. The Commonwealth Yearbook The Great Barrier Reef. Life expectancy at birth:.

Entry requirements for short stays, up to 14 days, which do not require a visa, and for longer stays, that do require prior clearance, are explained in official documents. View of Bounty Bay. Information for Cruise Ship Operators. The constitution gives authority for the islands to operate as a representative democracy , with the United Kingdom retaining responsibility for matters such as defence and foreign affairs. Accommodation Options on Pitcairn. The Legendary Pitcairn Islands. There is only one sandy beach, located right next to the petroglyphs. Flag Coat of arms. There are very few children on the island. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. In relating ancient Polynesian legends or myths orally, accounts are characterised by the narrative skills of the storyteller, so that historical stories may change according to the setting or the audience. The Sabbath School meets at 10 am on Saturday mornings, and is followed by Divine Service an hour later. The last recorded whaler to visit was the James Arnold in The intention is to protect some of the world's most pristine ocean habitat from illegal fishing activities. British Empire. Pitcairn is located just south of the Tropic of Capricorn and experiences year-round warm weather, with wet summers and drier winters. Commonwealth Secretariat. Major infectious diseases:. Land use:. Pitcairn is only accessible by sea, every three months. Geography portal United Kingdom portal. There is no broadcast station. Dependencies and other territories. Email or Phone. The Pitcairners are involved in creating crafts and curios made out of wood from Henderson. The population peaked at in The only permanently inhabited island, Pitcairn, is accessible only by boat through Bounty Bay. It is still on the manual telephone system. New migrants generally have their effects shipped to the Shuttle Group NZ, an international freight company. View Photographs of Pitcairn. The other islands of the group, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno, support fragile ecologies and unique habitats. Pitcairn Island was discovered in by the British and settled in by the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian companions. Pitcairn was the first Pacific.

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Telecommunication systems:. Today, the culture on the island blends British, Polynesian and wider Pacific roots, a legacy of its historic and contemporary links. Labor force:. In , Pitcairn mayor Mike Warren faced 25 charges of possessing images and videos of child pornography on his computer. Retrieved 1 December Pitcairn bees are also a placid variety and, within a short time, beekeepers are able to work with them wearing minimal protection. Natural resources:. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikinews Wikivoyage. Fish are plentiful in the seas around Pitcairn. Pacific Union College. Pitcairn Island was discovered in by the British and settled in by the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian companions. The island has one shallow harbour with a launch ramp accessible only by small longboats. Informed by the World Tourism Organization's principles of Sustainable Island Heritage Tourism, the Tourism Board, in existence for some 5 years, laid the cornerstones for the continued growth of the industry and the new department. Nicholas Kennedy. View all the Frequently Asked Questions. Prior to the arrival of the mutineers, Polynesians were the first settlers on Pitcairn. New York: Penguin. Administrative divisions:. There are no regular services to Henderson, Ducie or Oeno. British Overseas Territory in United Kingdom. In [update] , the government's Pitcairn Islands Economic Report stated that "[no one] will migrate to Pitcairn Islands for economic reasons as there are limited government jobs, a lack of private sector employment, as well as considerable competition for the tourism dollar". Here is one of the few dirt paths on Pitcairn Island. Shore Excursions. Antarctica and South Atlantic. In , nine of the mutineers from the Bounty , along with the native Tahitian men and women who were with them six men, eleven women, and a baby girl , settled on Pitcairn Island and set fire to the Bounty.

However, not everyone will find that the isolated location and lack of frequent transport off the island is for them. International organization participation:. Are you ready to take the next step? New York: Penguin. It is possible to have your household effects shipped to Pitcairn Island. Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 29 November Pitcairn Islands Tourism. Recipes from Norfolk Island of Pitcairn origin include mudda green banana dumplings and kumara pilhi. Secluded from mainstream tourism the Pitcairn Islands are a must see for adventurous travellers seeking truly remote horizons. See Name of Canada. The sanctuary encompasses all 4 islands in the Pitcairn Islands Group for a total land area of Philological Society of London. Finding New Zealand. Staines sent a party ashore and wrote a detailed report for the Admiralty. Each longboat requires a minimum crew of three; of the four longboat coxswains , two were in their late 50s. Legal system:. Probst has taken photos of headstones and calculated that most people on Pitcairn live to about 90 years. The Pitcairn Islands were formed by a centre of upwelling magma called the Pitcairn hotspot. In , the Pitcairn Islands officially became a British territory, and today all of its residents are descendants of those original mutineers. Jacqui Christian takes a moment to pause on a narrow path called Down Rope. Welcome to Pitcairn Islands Tourism. Archived from the original on 19 October Only two children were born on Pitcairn in the 21 years prior to UK Government.

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View Web Site. This means the Pitcairn Islands group is among the most remote in the world. Henderson Island is important for its endemic land-birds as well as its breeding seabirds. Giant's Causeway. Judicial branch:. United Nations. Archived from the original on 26 May Occupied jointly with the United States. Communications - note:. Bounty Day is an annual public holiday celebrated on Pitcairn on 23 January [97] to commemorate the day in when the mutineers arrived on the island in HMS Bounty. We are closely monitoring the situation as it develops. As the island is extremely isolated and with no hospital, residents must travel to New Zealand for major medical treatment. By setting Lt. We very much regret any inconvenience these measures may cause. The New Zealand Herald. Population growth rate:. The Pitcairn Islands form the southeasternmost extension of the geological archipelago of the Tuamotus of French Polynesia , and consist of four islands: Pitcairn Island, Oeno Island atoll with five islets, one of which is Sandy Island , Henderson Island and Ducie Island atoll with four islets. Come explore Legendary Pitcairn Island, Home to the descendants of the Bounty Mutineers! The Pitcairn Islands officially Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands, are a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form the sole.

Your visit to these legendary islands will grant you experiences few others have witnessed. English Pitkern. England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales. Exchange rates:. University of Birmingham. See Name of Canada. Learn how new migrants can access land on Pitcairn. Gave up self-rule in , but remained a de jure Dominion until it joined Canada in New York: Penguin. Jackson a1 Culture of indigenous Oceania. In March the British government established one of the largest marine protected areas in the world around the Pitcairn Islands. It is closely related to the creole language Norfuk , spoken on Norfolk Island , because Norfolk was repopulated in the midth century by Pitcairners. Many yachts call in to stock up on supplies, meet the locals and to enjoy Pitcairn's warm hospitality during their long passage sailing from Easter Island to Tahiti. Toronto Star. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikinews Wikivoyage. The sanctuary encompasses all 4 islands in the Pitcairn Islands Group for a total land area of Transnational Issues :: Pitcairn Islands. The most common cause of death on the island is old age. Main article: Politics of the Pitcairn Islands. By , all had served their sentences or been granted home detention status.

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